Stockton DMV

Public Works

Project Highlights

Client: State of California
Location: Stockton, California
15,000 Square Feet
City of Stockton, Planning Commission, Award of Excellence

Project Overview

This project presented a unique challenge – how to informally partner the State of California, a private developer and the City of Stockton to come together to design and build a new DMV facility that would not only satisfy the functional operation of the State but also act as a catalyst for revitalization for the City.
LDA, being experts in building consensus amongst stakeholder groups, employed their public outreach skills and was able to bring the three parties together to achieve a common goal.
LDA’s design of the new facility not only met all DMV operational requirements, but achieved LEED Silver.  In addition, being highly visible from the freeway, the new building has had a positive effect on the area, now with adjacent development starting to flourish.